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Most people do not enjoy cleaning their homes. They want products that make cleaning easier and quicker. How about a product that allows you to clean less often? Well, the reason surfaces become dirty over time is because water, oils and dust adhere to them. Shower Glass and mirrors are especially prone to this type of damage.


Kleanaroo prevents this from happening. We have a product (a sealant) that protects those surfaces. It gets into the microscopic crevices and seals them. This makes the surface hydrophobic. The surface will repel water, oil and dust. This means  the surface will be easier to clean and not become damaged over time. Water, especially, will damage surfaces over time. It gets into the tiny crevices and wreaks havoc (i.e. impossible water spots).


We apply Kleanaroo Sealant to your shower glass, mirror, etc. We let it cure, then we buff it off. This is not a film. The product we put on, we buff off. It works on a molecular level. This is a one time application. We treat both sides of the glass, which makes your glass sparkle like nothing you have ever seen. The protection is permanent.


Follow up: Kleanaroo includes one bottle of Surface Shine with each application. Surface Shine is our maintenance product. This is all you need to maintain your beautiful surface. Once or twice a month, just spray a little Surface Shine on a microfiber cloth and wipe down your glass.

The Bonus: Surface Shine isn’t just great for your glass and mirrors, but also works on any smooth surface (i.e. granite, tile, stainless steel, porcelain, marble). This product will make your car interior shine! The best part is that the Surface Shine contains sealant, so over time your other surfaces will build up a resistance as well.