Window & Shower Glass Sealant Coating Treatment Service - Denver

Reduce Maintenance With Our One-Time Glass Sealant Coating Service for Showers and Windows!

On top of our Surface Shine and Cleaner, we offer a Professional Glass Treatment Service to make frequent glass maintenance and cleaning at home or office a thing of the past! A trained technician will come out and make sure things are done right - we guarantee it!

Currently Only Servicing the Denver Area - Please Inquire for Other Areas or to Become a Certified Kleanaroo Applicator! 

New Glass Sealant & Waterproofing 

You just had a new shower enclosure installed and you really want to find a way to keep it looking beautiful. Call Kleanaroo. We will come to your home and seal your glass, on both sides, as well as the hinges and door handles. This process uses our Kleanaroo Glass Sealant. This is not a coating. The sealant, using nanotechnology, actually changes the molecular structure of your glass making it impenetrable to water. For this reason, your glass only needs to be treated one time. With a small amount of maintenance (using our Kleanaroo Surface Shine), you can keep your glass looking new forever.

Existing Glass Treatment

We can come out and take a look at your existing shower enclosure. No promises, but sometimes glass can be restored and treated. This can extend the life of your glass.

Mirrors/Table Tops/Glass Fixtures

We can seal any glass (unless it is a floor). This will reduce maintenance and the need to buy numerous cleaning products. All you need is Kleanaroo!

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