NEW! Kleanaroo HomePro Kit

NEW! Kleanaroo HomePro Kit

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Become a Believer With the NEW Kleanaroo Home Pro Kit:

The kits are great not only for shower glass, but also auto glass, camera lenses, tablets & phone screens, mirrors, granite countertops, & stainless steel appliances.

Kit contains:
6 oz Surface Shield*
10 oz Surface Shine
10 oz EveryDay Cleaner
4 Microfiber Cloths
1 Applicator Pad
2 pair gloves

*Surface Shield is a treatment that makes your surface hydrophobic (water resistant). It will also repel oil and dust. Kleanaroo makes cleaning a breeze! 

These kits have everything needed to make your bath or kitchen shine and easier to clean!


  1. Prepare the surface by cleaning with EveryDay Cleaner
  2. Apply Surface Shield to create a protective barrier on the surface
  3. Maintain with Surface Shine

And that's all you need! These are contractor-grade products used by professionals for any sized job, and nearly any surface.

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