Kleanaroo HomePro Kit

Kleanaroo HomePro Kit

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Become a Believer With the NEW Kleanaroo Home Pro Kit:


  1. Prepare the surface by cleaning with EveryDay Cleaner
  2. Apply Surface Shield to create a protective barrier on the surface
  3. Maintain with Surface Shine

Great on shower glass,  auto glass, camera lenses, tablets & phone screens, mirrors, granite countertops, & stainless steel appliances.

Kit contains:
6 oz Surface Shield*
10 oz Surface Shine
10 oz EveryDay Cleaner
4 Microfiber Cloths
1 Applicator Pad
2 pair gloves

*Surface Shield is a treatment that makes your surface hydrophobic (water resistant). It will also repel oil and dust. Kleanaroo makes cleaning a breeze! 

These kits have everything needed to make your bath or kitchen shine and easier to clean!


    And that's all you need! These are contractor-grade products used by professionals for any sized job, and nearly any surface.

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