Your shower has just been installed...What Now?

Elevate Your Shower Experience!

We strongly recommend having your shower glass treated by a Certified Kleanaroo technician - Contact

Once your shower has been treated:

  • Order your FREE bottle of Surface Shine by clicking the link on the sticker provided by the Kleanaroo tech upon completion
  • When you notice water spots on your shower glass, simply spray some Surface Shine on a microfiber cloth and wipe them off 
  • For more stubborn spotting, spray a small amount of Surface Shine on the glass and wipe off with a microfiber cloth
  • Squeegeeing is acceptable and will not affect the treatment
  • DO NOT use any other chemicals on your shower as it may damage the glass.

Recommended Products:

Surface Shine    



I want to say that bottle of blue stuff is magical. I don’t understand anything about nanotechnology. I just know that after showers and steam showers, with us not using the squeegee or wiping down the surfaces, the glass remains perfectly clear. We are happy to provide references/testimonials as satisfied customers.

J Gardiner

Thanks again. It’s great stuff! (after placing an online order for Surface Shine)

D Pruett