Become a Kleanaroo Applicator

Calling All Applicators

Are you interested in earning more money?
You can become a Kleanaroo® Certified Applicator!

Read below and Contact Us to apply!

Become a Kleanaroo Applicator


  • Kleanaroo® Glass Guard offers your customers water resistant glass that is treated inside and out. The glass will shine and your customers will love it.
  • Kleanaroo® Glass Guard can increase your sales by up to $4-$7/square foot for a little extra work.
  • Kleanaroo® will create Referral Codes for each Applicator. When a customer uses this code on our website, they will receive a 10% discount on the product they order. The Applicator will also receive 10%, which can be used toward their next order.
  • Kleanaroo® will list your company on our website along with our other proud partners.
  • Kleanaroo® will limit the number of Applicators in your area, to improve your business options.
  • Kleanaroo® will refer business to our Certified Applicators based on location


  • Professional glass and tile installers only (at this time)
  • Training is required
  • Purchase of Applicator Starter Kit is required

Proud Partners:


I want to say that bottle of blue stuff is magical. I don’t understand anything about nanotechnology. I just know that after showers and steam showers, with us not using the squeegee or wiping down the surfaces, the glass remains perfectly clear. We are happy to provide references/testimonials as satisfied customers.

J Gardiner

Thanks again. It’s great stuff! (after placing an online order for Surface Shine)

D Pruett