Kleanaroo Nanotech Glass Restoration, Cleaner, and Sealant

If you have glass,you need Kleanaroo.

It is our goal at Kleanaroo to make your life easier.

When you use our products, your glass stays clean longer. This gives you more free time to enjoy your life while you Keep the Stains Away!

How can we do this? Kleanaroo uses nanotechnology to seal your glass to reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning needed so you can keep all your smooth surfaces looking brand new for years. .

What on earth does that mean? On a molecular level, our sealant makes your glass impenetrable to water. So? Over time, water damages glass. Our sealant and maintenance products keep your glass looking like new. We offer Kleanaroo Glass Sealant, Surface Shine and Every Day Cleaner.  What about my granite and tile? Kleanaroo keeps all your smooth surfaces looking brand new for years