FREE EveryDay Cleaner w/Peroxide - First 10 Unique Users

FREE EveryDay Cleaner w/Peroxide - First 10 Unique Users

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You will receive a free bottle of Kleanaroo EveryDay Cleaner w/Peroxide (shipping charges will be applied)  plus special offers and promotions. 

About the Product:

EveryDay Cleaner w/ Peroxide is a mild cleaner that works on virtually any solid surface AND offers the disinfecting power of peroxide. It comes in the amazing Flairosol container which sprays a fine mist and makes cleaning a breeze.
This product is made to order. We will not add the peroxide until your order is placed. This extends the shelf life of your product.
Peroxide is an effective disinfectant that will kill viruses, bacteria, and other germs, according to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC).  
Spray Kleanaroo EveryDay Cleaner w/ Peroxide on your surface and wipe with a  clean sponge or microfiber cloth. Then, for areas requiring a little more disinfecting, we recommend spraying Kleanaroo EveryDay Cleaner w/ Peroxide on your surface, waiting a minute or two before wiping down or letting it air dry. 
  • We have taken our awesome EveryDay Cleaner up a notch by adding Peroxide and the refreshing scent of Lemon. Keep your home clean and your family safe!
  • EveryDay Cleaner w/ Peroxide is safe, non-toxic and bio-degradeable.
  • When the bottle is running low, order a REFILL
Notes: Peroxide should not be mixed with vinegar or bleach. Also, it can have a bleaching effect, so test it on a small section if that is a concern. Peroxide can have a slight bleaching effect on your skin, if you have sensitive skin you may choose to wear gloves. 

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